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Menno Wolvers

I write code

This library interfaces with the web services of various shipping carriers. The goal is to abstract the features that are most frequently used into a pleasant and consistent PHP API.
// Define a destination
$destination = new Address([
	'number'        => 313,
	'zipcode'       => '1016EE',
	'country'       => 'NL'

// Item to ship
$item = new Item([
	'title' => 'iPhone 5S 16GB Champagne',
	'description' => 'Full featured smartphone in gold',
	'sku' => 'ABC12345',
	'quantity' => 1,

	'weight' => 112, // gram
	'width' => 58.6, // mm
	'height' => 123.8,
	'depth' => 7.6,

	'price' => new Price([
		'priceIncl' => 725,
		'priceExcl' => 599,
		'priceTax' => 126,

// Create the package
$package = new Package();

// Add the item to the package

// Initialise a shipment
$shipment = Shipment::create($package)->to($destination);

// Find the carrier with the lowest rates
$carrier = $shipment->getCarrierWithLowestRates();

// And send it off

Problem solving

I love solving problems using simple logic and a gentle touch of technical skills.

Work automation

Simplify and automate. Take the time to actually think about what your doing, and do it better.

Cloud architectures

Designing cloud architectures is one of my greater interests. It's just plain awesome.

Some of my thoughts

Monolithic versus Service Oriented

Lets take a detailed look into the Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) to see if it can be applied to Awesome Industries (a generic SaaS company) and what the advantages are.

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Keep your cache in sync when streaming

A while ago Apple announced the iPhone 6 and the world was watching or.. so they tried. The livestream provided by Apple was working poorly due to technical difficulties.

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Is your cloud secure?

You have been building your architecture to be fast, redundant and cost-effective. It has helped you grow and scale your startup. You can deploy new patches with the push of a button and opened SSH so you can change things when needed. But where is the security, bro?

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Gestructureerd testmanagement met TMap

Bij het (door)ontwikkelen van een systeem is het belangrijk om een gestructureerd testproces te hanteren. Een voorbeeld hiervan is TMap.

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Architecting for the unexpected

You have an awesome application and everything is running very smoothly. You get more users by the hour and your sitting in the sun enjoying the great times. But suddenly you get a call from a friend saying your application is offline?!

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A few scenario's and how to solve them

While architecting your system, you could take a few example scenario’s and see how your architecture is protected against them. Every component needs to be automatically replaceable.

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What is Cloud Computing?

What exactly is Cloud Computing and what are the advantages in comparison to traditional datacenter hosting. Is the term “Cloud” a non-sense term or does it really represent a new revolution?

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