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What is Cloud Computing?

What exactly is Cloud Computing and what are the advantages in comparison to traditional datacenter hosting. Is the term “Cloud” a non-sense term or does it really represent a new revolution? In the past couple of years there has been a lot of talk about this subject.

In simple, Cloud computing is a big set of advantages and features coming together to form a complete concept where you can work with. With Cloud Computing you can achieve way more for less. You have unending computing resources and storage space to utilize without having to ever physically touch a server or harddrive, which will free you from any sort of maintenance.

The growing “startup” and online services market keeps on pushing the IT to move quickly and adopt to every scenario. Growing from a small to enourmous application could happen overnight as your app goes viral. Where can you find the time to buy, connect and maintain servers and storage space? You don’t. Cloud Computing takes all this work out of your hands with a fresh and clean approach.

Focus on the vital elements

The way Cloud Computing provides companies with the chance to create flexibel, safe and cost-efficient IT structures could be compared to the way the electric net works. Everything, from houses to huge company building are connected to the powernet. Overnight the amount of power required could grow at an amount of 1000% percent. Your servers must scale rapidly to handle the incoming traffic, and when the load goes down, automatically scale down to save costs.

Cost effective

Think about the amount of IT staff that you could reduce by removing maintaince and automate your entire structure. Expensive IT professionals suddenly become useless since you profit from the professionals working at the Cloud Computing company, e.g. Amazon. With the pay-as-you-go pricing model you only pay for what you use, which could reduce the costs drastically. You never pay too much since you automatically turn of servers and other resources that you are not currently using.

Its very common to outsource jobs in the fields of logistics, human resoruces, administration and other work. Outsourcing your computing power to the best IT professionals is the next step!

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